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Expresii Paint

Black Friday 2021: Use 'blackfriday2021' discount code for 30% discount!

Expresii (www.expresii.com) is a new painting app featuring advanced brush and ink (watercolor) simulation + extremely high zooming capability for Windows. After purchase you get a PDF with a download link or you can download it directly here: https://expresii.s3.ap-east-1.amazonaws.com/rdtr/Expresii64_Setup.zip . Currency is USD.

Warning: Expresii uses modern GPU for accelerated processing therefore it may not work correctly on older computers/drivers. Get a free key via https://gum.co/expresii_trial and make sure it works well (including saving function) on your computer before any commitment.

Note to Korean user: Gumroad only accept Credit Card owner's address in English so please do not enter your address in Korean.

建議先到這裡拿個免費 ‘試用Key’ :https://gum.co/expresii_trial . 有了‘試用Key’ 才可有儲存的功能。把儲存功能也試好,覺得沒問題才回這裡買Full Key。注:價格是美金。

[中國的朋友:請到這裡看如果以支付寶,微信支付等購買:http://www.lofter.com/lpost/1d84fe1c_11d20a8f  感謝支持!

2021 更新:对不起,因为2checkout 跟我用的银行出现汇款问题,目前暂时不接受2checkout 的购买方式]

中國的朋友:由於中國的牆的緣故,您只能用Expresii裡的‘防火牆模式’來註冊,而‘防火牆模式’ 目前只支持用Full Key 來註冊。所以如果要試儲存的功能,可以到微軟商店 https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9n8jxs6275rg 下載試用。

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Expresii Paint

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