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Nelson Chu
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Expresii (www.expresii.com) is a new painting app featuring advanced brush and ink (watercolor) simulation + extremely high zooming capability for Windows. Enjoy the liberation and fun Expresii brush painting brings you!

By wielding such a virtual brush, you can make vastly different marks which normally require switching between many stamp-based 'brushes' in other programs. By eliminating explicit switching you can finally make expressive marks that capture your rhythm! Expresii is especially good for improvised sketching. Due to our nice rendering your sketches done in Expresii are immediately presentable!

Water-based media have always been a challenge in digital painting technology. Many paint programs offer 'watercolor brushes', most of which are based on local diffusion or stamping scanned images. Nice results can be achieved but something important is missing - the fluidity. Our paint simulation, on the other hand, brings digital watercolor to a whole new level by using Computational Fluid Dynamics for natural flows. The use of GPU makes such a simulation fast enough for real-time interaction, even on a tablet computer.

Finally, the simulation is paired with a new rendering method that gives you both raster richness and vector-like output up to 32k resolution. You can export your artwork with alpha channel to your favorite image editor for further processing. Our novel vexel rendering can enlarge an imported RGB image up to 40x and make it look as if done on paper so Expresii also doubles as an image enlarger for your existing illustrations.

After purchase you get a PDF with a download link or you can download it directly here: https://expresii.s3.ap-east-1.amazonaws.com/rdtr/Expresii64_Setup.zip . Currency is USD.

Warning: Expresii uses modern GPU for accelerated processing therefore it may not work correctly on older computers/drivers. Get a free key via https://gum.co/expresii_trial and make sure it works well (including saving function) on your computer before any commitment.

建議先到這裡拿個免費 ‘試用Key’ :https://gum.co/expresii_trial . 有了‘試用Key’ 才可有儲存的功能。把儲存功能也試好,覺得沒問題才回這裡買Full Key。注:價格是美金。

中國的朋友:由於Gumroad 被中國牆了,請移玉步到微軟商店 https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9n8jxs6275rg 下載試用或購買Expresii商店版。謝謝!


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